How to Care for Your Grabease Toothbrush

I love mold - said no one ever. 

Here's the 411 on the relationship between mold and toothbrushes you need to know. Toothbrushes are meant to keep your pearly white teeth squeaky clean. Ironically, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. You probably threw up in your mouth just a little bit - we did too.

If your toothbrush grows mold, it’s a direct result of improper usage or storage conditions. The number one reason for mold in children’s toothbrushes is saliva! Yes! Leftover saliva on a toothbrush causes mold! Groooossss, we know! 

Here are some quick tips to teach your little bambino the proper use of his or her toothbrush: 

  • A toothbrush should be used for cleaning the teeth. That’s it! Morning and night for about 2 full minutes using toothpaste and water. It’s not a chewing toy or a teether. 
  • As soothing as the Grabease double-sided toothbrush is and as happy as you might be that your little one finally agrees to a toothbrush - it is not a teether or a toy. It’s tempting to let your little one keep it in their mouth for as long as they wish - but don't give in. Stay strong. Think. About. The mold 😳
  • Use toothpaste (non-fluoride under the age of 2) - it helps prevent bacteria growth. Are you still reading? Good for you! 
  • Wash your tots toothbrush after each use. 
  • Dry toothbrush standing upwards.
  • Don't put the toothbrush face down in a cup or enclose it in a container - big no-no. Your tots toothbrush needs to dry. Btw, when was the last time you checked the bottom of your cup, hhhmmm? Just sayin’. #kanyeshrug
  • You may soak it in mouthwash from time to time to kill bacteria. Rinse it again before use.
  • If your toothbrush is stored next to the toilet or in a humid area, that might cause mold sooner than later.
  • It's recommended by the American Dental Association to replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Seems excessive, we know, but if you want to prevent mold from hanging out on your clone's toothbrush, and your own, you gotta switch it out. After all, we're talking about the mouth. Pun. Intended. Funny...No? Ok. Moving on.

Learning the proper use of a toothbrush at a young age will promote healthy habits as your youngling grows up because nobody's got time for cavities but that’s another disgusting topic... Yuck!