Sticky Sweet Plantains

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"Most of us- and our kids, are very familiar with bananas, but what about PLANTAINS?! πŸ€” This is a fruit that admittedly I did not try until adulthood! 😳

Plantains, while similar in appearance to bananas, are actually quite different. For example, they have a thicker, tougher skin, are usually larger, and while bananas are enjoyable raw- plantains not so much.

One of the simplest ways we enjoy plantains? Like this! πŸ‘†πŸ» Sticky Sweet Plantains are a totally different way to enjoy a fruit. So grab a plantain or two and cook them up- in just minutes, then serve them up to your kiddos with these fun Ergonomic Utensils.

Sticky Sweet Plantains:


🍌 1 plantain, 1- 2 tbsp coconut oil* and 1 tbsp turbinado sugar


🍌 Start off by slicing your plantain into slices about 1/2 inch thick. If you cut them too thin, they won't cook up right/may be too mushy.

🍌 Next, add oil to a large skillet and heat up for a min. or two.

🍌 While oil heats, sprinkle plantains with a small amount of sugar on each side. You can also roll your slices in the sugar and then tap off any excess.

🍌 Once pan is hot and oil is melted, add plantain slices one at a time, in a single layer (don’t overcrowd). Cook on one side for 2- 3 min., then flip and cook other side for a few more min. until golden brown (you can cook them shorter/longer depending on preference).

🍌 Transfer plantains to a plate. Enjoy warm!

* Quick tip: not all coconut oil is the same and one big difference: taste! πŸ₯₯ A refined coconut oil offers a more neutral taste, but due to the lower smoke point may not be the best choice for frying (unless you are frying at a lower temp). Unrefined #coconutoil is a more pure form of the oil and offers a much deeper, coconut-y flavor. It also has a higher smoke point and is what we used here."