Creative Easter Activities for the Family

Make Easter extra fun for your little one with creative ideas that put the focus on springtime fun. Try these spring crafts, egg hunt ideas, and Easter games that toddlers, preschoolers, and everyone in the family will enjoy.

Get Creative With These Easter Arts & Crafts Ideas:

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Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Craft

For an easy sensory activity, and to practice fine motor skills, create a bunny face using a white paper plate topped with a pair of ears cut out of white paper. Pour child-safe craft glue into a small dish. Invite your little one to dip cotton balls into the glue, then stick onto the plate until the bunny “face” is covered. Finish by adding googly eyes and chenille stem (pipe cleaner) whiskers.

Paper Roll Bunny Craft

Paper Roll Bunny


Save paper rolls from toilet rolls, paper towels, or gift wrap to make many fun crafts, including these cute and simple Bunnies!

Start by painting the paper rolls white, if desired with acrylic paint. Cut ears out of card stock or construction paper and glue to the inside of the roll. Then cut chenille pipe cleaners into 4 or 5 inch lengths and twist 3 together. Glue onto the paper roll. Once set, add a pompom for the nose, and googly eyes. Draw on the mouth with a marker. You can finish this all by adding a cotton ball or another pompom to the back for a bunny tail!

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Painted Rock Egg Craft

Encourage nature appreciation, shape, and size sorting by taking a walk with your child to find smooth, egg-size rocks.

Wash the rocks with dish soap and water, rinse, and dry. Paint the eggs with child-safe acrylic paints. Kids can paint their rocks with spring colors, fun patterns, or happy faces.

Use rock Easter eggs to decorate a holiday table or gift a grandparent.

Tip: If desired, an adult can use a spray or brush-on sealant to waterproof the eggs.

Get Moving With These Fun Easter Activities:

Egg & Spoon Race Activity

Egg-and-spoon races date back to the early 19th century and are still a great way to practice balance and motor skills. All you need are two eggs and two spoons.

Tip: For younger kids, use plastic or hard-boiled eggs and larger spoons.

In racing pairs or relay-style, each player puts an egg on their spoon and carries it from your starting line to a turn-around point and back without touching the egg.

Give prizes for healthy competition!

Easter Egg Hunt Activity Ideas

Indoors or out, egg hunting is a highlight of many Easter celebrations for toddlers and big kids, too. Try these fun twists.

1. Swap out the sweets

Fill large and small plastic eggs with magnetic alphabet letters, seed packets, stickers, plastic building bricks, and more sugar-free treats.

Large plastic eggs can hold items like bubbles, crayons, or colorful toddler utensils from grabease in new spring colors, like lavender, mint, and banana yellow.

2. Make your egg hunt a treasure hunt

Instead of focusing on finding the most eggs, add clues to each egg that lead to a grand prize. If the weather isn't cooperating, this is a great activity for inside too! Clues can send hunters from room to room or different areas of the yard, or searching for an egg of a particular color or size.

Young hunters (with adult help) can learn teamwork and enjoy a grand prize such as a game or puzzle together.

3. Hunt in the dark

Wait until sunset or close the curtains for a unique spin on egg hunting. Use props like flashlights and glow sticks or glow in the dark eggs! You can buy plastic glow-in-the-dark eggs, or paint some of your own with glow-in-the-dark paint for a fun craft activity the day before.

You can also fill eggs with these super fun Glow Rocks (just make sure to "charge them up" in bright light before filling your eggs so they glow bright)

4. Parents join in

Your kiddos will love role switching and watching you hunt for Easter eggs. Join their hunt or invite them to re-hide eggs for a second search. Bonus: You'll get to feel like a kid again!

Egg Carton Planting Activity

Springtime gardening is a wonderful way to introduce young kids to gardening. Gardening teaches math and science, and life-skills such as responsibility, patience, and appreciation. All of these set a foundation for healthy habits ias they grow!

Guided by an adult, kids can prepare a cardboard egg carton for spring planting by poking holes into each egg cup, then placing the carton on drip-safe tray. Have your child then fill each cup with potting soil, make hole with one finger, drop in two or three seeds, and cover lightly. Fill a clean spray bottle with water to spray the seedlings.

Tip: Choose plants that germinate quickly and easily. Some un-fussy options could be flowers such as zinnias and marigolds, or herbs such as parsley and thyme, or cilantro. Or fast growing legumes like beans and peas!

Place the tray in a warm, sunny location. Help your child water the seeds daily by lightly spritzing with clean water from a spray bottle, or as directed on the packet, until the seeds begin to sprout. To help with germination you may opt to cover lightly with plastic cling film.

Once the seeds germinate and sprout, wait until they get their first set of true leaves and transplant to a larger pot or outdoors in a garden area.

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We hope you’ll enjoy these Easter games for toddlers and fun Easter ideas for the family and make a few of them a part of your hippity-hoppity happy Easter!