designed to develop
children's independence


GRABEASE’s very first patented products, grabease utensils were developed in our founder Maya’s kitchen in 2016 for her baby led weanie. GRABEASE are the first ergonomic safe self-feeding utensils recommended by occupational therapists.

While many baby utensils have handles that are too long and narrow for tiny, clumsy baby hands, grabease utensils are actually designed with those hands in mind. The short drop shaped handle is perfect for baby's natural hand grasp and continued use encourages development of fine motor skills and strengthens the pincer grasp. Our utensils also feature a choke protection barrier that prevents your little one from sticking the utensil too far into their mouth and gagging.


Did you know our pediatric dentist-approved toothbrushes were invented by an 8 year old? Alma, daughter of Maya (our founder), saw her mom struggling to brush her little brother's teeth and came up with this ingenious design! GRABEASE double sided toothbrush was the second patented product, which was launched in mid 2019.

The soft double-sided bristles help babies brush their top and bottom teeth at the same time, and the tapered brush head makes sure that they actually brush all of their teeth, not just the ones that they can reach. Like our utensils, our toothbrushes also include a choke protection barrier to promote safe independent use. 


GRABEASE’s newest product is based on the award-winning design of our plastic utensils and is meant to grow with your little as they go from drooling to scooping.

Made from 100% food grade tested and certified safe silicone, our teether spoon is soft and bendy so it can be used as a teething toy and stimulate baby's gums and teeth. Then, when they're ready for self-feeding, its smaller size is perfect for a younger baby's hands and mouth. The teether spoon also features a chic fabric strap with a clip to attach to baby's clothes so that it's easily within reach.



There's no way around it; feeding your little one is a messy affair. That's where our Allover bib comes in! It's designed to completely cover your little one and their high chair so that all of the inevitable mess is contained and easy to clean.

The Allover Bib is oversized with a stretchy elastic hem and neck and arm holes so that it can easily cover your baby and any high chair. It's made with a single layer of lightweight, stain-resistant, and machine washable fabric that won't trap debris or gunk. Not only is the bib easy to use, it's also easy to clean. You can either wipe it down in minutes or, for bigger messes, rinse it in the sink or toss in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and hang dry.