All Over Bib


Our game changing All Over Bib is one of our most popular items for encouraging independent eating – keep reading to find out why!

Baby Wearing Pink All Over Bib Eating Messy Food While Mom Drinks Coffee

Baby Wearing Teal All Over Bib Eating Messy Food

1. We've Got You Covered

It's in the name! Our All Over Bib fully covers baby and high chair. Not only does it keep baby's outfit clean, it also keeps food out of the nooks and crannies of your high chair.

2. Easy Clean Up

With baby's mess contained in and on the bib, all you'll have to do is shake off the mess and wipe the bib clean. Got a bigger mess than usual? No problem. Rinse the bib off in your sink or toss it in machine. (Remember to use the gentle cycle and hang dry only!)

3. Enjoy the Mess Without the Stress

Because clean up time is one less thing to worry about when you're using the All Over Bib, you and baby can better enjoy messy play and meal time. The ability to experience the sensory input of exploring their food will encourage baby to self-feed. Watch your baby grow more independent right before your eyes.

4. Designed for Babies, by Moms

grabease products are designed by moms who know that baby's safety is #1. That's why the All Over Bib is made of a loose, thin material that keeps baby comfortable by preventing overheating as well as allows for quick and easy removal. Simply lift up and over - voila!

5. Each Purchase Makes a Difference

We're dedicated to creating a positive impact and we love to give back. Your purchase helps us help others by donating part of our profits towards meals for children in need. Learn more about our giving back initiative here.