Ways to Reuse Grabease

Happy 50th Earth Day! 

We at grabease are mindful every day of how our actions impact the environment and community around us but today especially, we want to highlight ways that our products can be reused to reduce waste!


Our Allover Bib is beloved for minimizing cleanup time after meals for parents. But, it's great for activities outside of mealtimes as well! Use it as a haircutting cape, as a protective layer during messy art projects, and more! We love a multifunctional product and our bib is a true example of that. 

And don't worry - our bib will still allow your little one to be as messy as they'd like and have just as much fun! The only difference is that it'll protect their clothes and save you a headache from cleaning. 


Whether Stage 1 or Stage 2, your kiddos can still enjoy our utensils after they grow out of them. You can incorporate them into a yummy homemade popsicle recipe, like this one, or reuse them as toys during playtime! (Personally, we love using them with Play-Doh or non-toxic slime, but the great thing about them is that you can get as creative as you'd like!


Our reusable pouches are not only the perfect size for storing our utensils. They're also great for storing snacks on the go, as makeup pouches, freezer storage, etc. Like our Allover Bib and utensils, we made sure our snack pouches could be used multiple times and continue to be a part of your family after your little ones graduate to grown up utensils! 

If you have other ways you like to reuse grabease, feel free to send us a message at info@grabease or tag us on Instagram!