Teething Remedies

Have you started noticing these symptoms in your baby? Swollen gums, fussiness and crying, drooling, gnawing, a slightly higher temperature than normal- all of these are signs that your baby might've begun teething. It's a proud moment for you, but for baby, it's pretty uncomfortable. Here are a few easy remedies to help you soothe your little one. 


An uber easy way to help out your little one is to gently massage or apply pressure on her gums with a clean finger. You can also allow them to gnaw if their teeth haven't come in yet and it's not too uncomfortable for you. 


Gnawing on something cold or chilled can help soothe a teething baby as the lower temperature has a slightly numbing effect and can help reduce inflammation. 

Try offering your little one a chilled teether (not frozen as this may hurt your baby's mouth!), a popsicle, or even wet, chilled washcloth. Remember to keep an eye out though, as they may pose choking hazards. 


Chamomile tea is recommended as a natural herbal remedy and is included as an ingredient in some natural teething products as well. 

You can use it in different ways, such offering your baby a few sips, rubbing a tea-dipped finger on the gums, or placing some frozen chamomile tea in a mesh teether. 


Your baby will be drooling more as they teethe so be sure to wipe their face often so their face is clean and dry. This will prevent them from getting irritated or rashes, which will cause additional irritation. 


If home remedies aren't cutting it, consult your pediatrician about over-the-counter medications. You might have an easier time using products that contain acetaminophen and ibuprofen.