Grabease utensils for children with all abilities!

When creating Grabease, our founder Maya wanted to create a utensil that promotes safe independent eating for babies and toddlers, she didn't expect to create a product that also assists children of all abilities but we are so happy it does!

One of our customers Jennifer Harrison recently reached out to us and let us know that our utensils are significantly helping her beautiful daughter Zoey! What?! We were shocked and amazed and so so happy that we wanted to share her kind words in case there are any other parents out there looking for adaptive utensils and products for their differently-abled children.

Jennifer is the founder and owner of X-ability, a stylish wheelchair bodycoat to help you to conquer the elements for mobility. Here what she had to say- "Our daughter has Cerebral Palsy, and I have to tell you that I have spent $49-$80 for adaptable flatware that are bulky, and frankly, don’t work well for her as items fall off the silverware being it’s too far away from her hand for coordination. With that said, I purchased your product, a fork and spoon set. They are GREAT!! These are so much better than other adaptable utensils because her hand fits better around the handle and they are not too long so she has better control and more confidence in self-feeding.”

We even have a few words from Zoey.  “It’s so much better to eat on my own when I go out to eat, and that I don’t make big messes. Grabease forks keep my food on the fork and it’s easier to get it in my mouth. My food does not slide off the spoon when I take bites.”

Scroll down to see some amazing photos of Zoey and her Grabease in action and check out her moms' store X-ability.