Gluten Free Air Fryer Nuggets

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1 lb of organic chicken breast cubed

1/2 cup of finely ground nut blend (I used pistachio and almond)

1 cup of almond flour

2 eggs whisked

1/2 tbsp of granulated garlic

salt/pepper optional



  1. Take three shallow bowls and fill one with almond flour. The other with the finely ground nuts and garlic powder, salt and pepper if you wish. And the other with the eggs whisked. 


    Take the cubed chicken breast and dip into the flour, then the egg then the nut crumb mixture.


    Spray the bottom of your air fryer with some avocado oil. And a little on top of your nuggets. Place in the air fryer tray and cook for 10 mins at 400F. Flip them halfway through.

    Note: This is a good recipe for toddlers 2 and up as the nut texture can be crunchier. Always feed your little ones under supervision by a grown up.