Travel Bag Essentials

Having the foresight to make sure that you always have travel essentials (and a spare of those) within reach is the kind of wisdom that only comes with kids, I think. I understand now what I didn't as a kid- that the ridiculously large bag my mom lugged around everywhere had a Plan B for every possible scenario in which my brother and I might spill, break, dirty, or otherwise ruin something. 

Now, with holiday vacations coming up, we want to make sure you're also traveling with essentials that make life easier. 


We get hangry too so it's safe to say that our littles are going to have an even worse time dealing with hunger. Remember to keep some snacks on deck for yourself and baby. 

Check out these snack packs from Fresh Bellies that are so yummy, your kids will be asking to eat their veggies.

Packing Cubes 

For that extra set of clothes you know your little one is inevitably going to need at one point or another. Keep it in these travel cube so you're not groping around in your bag for a tiny pair of socks. 

We love these sets that we found over on Amazon that are not only affordable, but have the cutest prints too. 

Extra Bags

Whether you're unable to find a trash can nearby or you need a container to separate your essentials from baby's, an extra bag doesn't take up too much room and it's always a handy item to have on deck. 


If you're traveling with an older child, a book is always a great way to keep them busy while also cutting down on screen time. If reading isn't your child's favorite activity, there are alternatives such as workbooks with puzzles and coloring pages, travel versions of board or card games, etc. 

2-in-1 Teether Spoon 

Who doesn't love a multifunctional item? Our new teether spoon will keep your baby from fussing while also soothing and stimulating their gums. It can also be used as a spoon if they're ready to begin self-feeding!

Wet Wipes 

Enough said.